Our Story

A Pastor for the people

Mary Butler was born and raised in Bastrop, Texas. Being born in the community where she serves as Pastor has given her a unique perspective on the needs of the people.  She and Jimmy, her husband of 40 years, have worked together to build strong relationships and to provide for the spiritual and physical needs of others.  In 2011, Pastor Butler accepted the call to Pastor Friendship with a love for God and a passion for the people.  Pastor Butler places high emphasis on spreading the Word of God to others, and is committed to fulfilling the physical and spiritual needs of people everywhere. Her priority is to help others to live out their Christian faith. An additional important priority for her and husband Jimmy is fulfilling God’s vision, purpose and plan for Friendship.
To many, she is Pastor Butler, to others a voice of hope, encouragement and vision.

A Pastor with purpose

Pastor Butler has a vision and from that vision comes the purpose for Friendship.  She has been called to build a community that reflects God’s image on earth.  She is driven by the call to make disciples, encourage the saints, and spread the Word of God’s love throughout the world.

A Pastor with passion

Pastor Butler's love and compassion for the needs of people is the driving force behind her service to others.  She strives to help those who are hurting and the most vulnerable in the community, by passionately teaching God’s Word while working to meet their physical and spiritual needs.    
Pastor Butler’s passion for the elderly has led her to organize a non- profit organization, that focuses on identifying and meeting the unique needs of this ever growing segment of her community.  Her passion for children inspired her to implement programs to fight hunger within her community.  She is currently working to organize an after school feeding and enrichment program, for school age children. God continues to fill her with passion, purpose and vision to better serve His people.

Expanding the vision...

Friendship Church is a church for all people and her unique gift is love. This young church had a dream to be a church that would equip the saints. reach the lost, help the hurting and bring hope to the hopeless. This would be the place where people could find forgiveness, encouragement, and love. 

Where we are headed...

We are headed in a God centered direction of equipping the saints in the five biblical purposes of the church: Worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and evangelism. We continue to build upon these key principles to fulfill the Great Commission laid out in Matthew 28:19-20.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 9:00 am